Sunset at Cliffs of Moher

In the West side of Republic of Ireland, in County Clare, one of the most beautiful and fascinating place in the world exists.

The Cliffs of Moher are impressive cliffs overlooking the sea. 8 kilometers long and with the highest point situated at 214 metres high, the Cliffs rise suddenly from the coastal plain and seem to literally smash the ground. Here you really understand the power of Mother Nature! Nicknamed “the edge of the world”, they offer a unique spectacle for the eyes, both in the morning and at sunset (when they are coloured a vivid red), both with the sun and with the characteristic Irish grey sky that contrasts with the amazing green of the land.

It’s one of the best bird-watching sites in Ireland, given the presence of a variety of birds that reaches 3000 specimens belonging to 19 different species.

Not far from the top of the cliffs is O’Brien’s Tower, a small circular stone tower dating back to 1835. Legend says that Mr. O’Brien built it to seduce the aristocratic ladies bringing them up there to show them the beautiful landscape. From there it is possible to see the wild Aran Islands, Galway Bay and the Connemara mountains.

Also from the tower you can see the Giant’s Cave, a cave in the cliff 100 meters high that stands out compared to other caves along the cliffs.

The majestic Cliffs of Moher cannot be missed for anyone visiting the Emerald Isle, so do not hesitate and choose to come with us!

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